A Scandinavian Fair Table.(Photo by John Young)
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News About Norumbega Lodge


Norumbega Lodge Celebrates Juletrefest December 2, 2011

At our December cultural meeting we were entertained by the Lokensgard Blechblaser Ensemble, a magnificent eight-piece brass orchestra, with a wonderful variety of holiday music. This was followed by children of varying age playing "På låven sitter nissen" and doing traditional singing around the tree accompanied by SAMspill, as well as a sumptuous spread of seasonal goodies. There was also a gift exchange assisted by the julnisse himself.


Norumbega Members Bone Up on Viking History and Mythology

Congratulations to Team Valhalla, winners of the Viking Pub Quiz at the February 2016 Cultural meeting. These people knew their Viking history and Old Norse mythology.


Participants made runic name tags before breaking into groups to compete. All were invited to wear a helmet, a shield, or chain mail to get into the mood and make these pictures.

Norumbega Lodge Celebrates 17de mai 2016 With Picnic and Parade

At 12:30 pm on Saturday, May 14, 2016, adults and children gathered at the Scandinavian Living Center in Newton, Mass. for the annual 17th of May picnic and Norwegian Constitution Day parade. Some participants in the procession of adults and children around the Scandinavian Living Center property dressed in their national or regional colors, or played their musical instruments. A welcoming address, with a tale of the day followed. Then all enjoyed a picnic lunch or available sandwiches and hot dogs. In the afternoon came the highlight of the day - children's games with prizes and ice cream for all. The very appropriate music was performed by SAMspell and friends.


The parade begins. Challenging games end the day. Photos provided by Roger Austin.

Norumbega Lodge Goes to the 17de mai Parade in Brooklyn

Members of Norumbega and Dover Lodges joined the 2016 recurrence of the Lodge-sponsored bus trip to the Seventeenth of May Parade in Brooklyn on Sunday, May 15. This is said to be the largest Constitution Day parade outside of Oslo. Some of the party marched the distance along 5th Avenue in Brooklyn to 67th Street and Leif Ericson Park. A few others took chairs near the park to watch the arrival of the parade units.


Norumbega members march in the 17th of May parade in Brooklyn. The Lodge banner is proudly displayed. Photo provided by Luana Marie Josvøld.

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